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About Cristian

Hi, if you’re here you likely know I am the brain, voice, the face of Cryptic Hybrid. I am Cristian and for over a decade and a half now I’ve been covering what’s new in gaming and technology. I’ve worked for multiple websites and in 2016 decided to forge my own path with Cryptic Hybrid.

Driven by curiosity and excitement for what’s on the horizon I’ve been finding the latest projects and shared them with the world. This endeavor has resulted in over 3000 videos across two main channels (on YouTube & BitChute) and with a desire to expand further. For that I made this Locals page and hopefully with your support I can achieve new goals.

As you’d expect I am a gamer, I enjoy games and I cherish the experiences that they can offer & I’m forever excited to see what people create next. I’m also interested in history, I adore dogs & I am left in awe of the wonder that is life every day. More recently I’ve gravitated towards the ideas of libertarianism, I’m trying to build a better understanding of economics, rights, & ethics.

I don’t know how this got to be listed last but I’m also ‘into’ technology, especially PC-related, mobile & space innovations & advancements.

Perks of being a Supporter

  • Earliest possible access to videos (as soon as they are uploaded & processed I’ll have a link here on Locals just for YOU)
  • Access to supporter-only livestreams/Zoom hangouts
  • Decide what games I’ll play every Monday live
  • Behind the scenes photos & videos
  • Get the scoop on upcoming interviews and submit your question(s)
  • Participate in game giveaways
  • Request a topic to be covered during supporter-only livestreams/Zoom hangouts

Community Guidelines

I think communication is one of the few fundamental human rights and so I want you all to feel free to say what you want. We’re all adults here so I trust we can all chat & share all sorts of things without leading to animosity.

Let’s have a nice time together, the world will thrust upon us plenty of bad, outside of our control, so here we have the ability to build something positive.

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